Tell me about it!

Helloooooo buns! Welcome!

There is a whole new category of Posts coming! Yay! (??)

I call this new Post Theme Series "Tell me about it!".

Let me explain.

Lately, I feel that I miss my friends and the discussions we had, sharing our news, plans or dreams and how we had the luxury of meeting in person talking about everything.I now appreciate even more the time I spent with the people I like and actually had the chance to go deeper rather than the polite chit-chats.The trigger was our BestMan visiting us for few days and having the chance to spend quality time chating.Then I realised  that I want that, I want to make the extra effort to have that with my old and new friends cause actually, since we moved to Vienna we've met so many incredible new people having different cultures and stories to tell.

So I got inspired and I decided to communicate that through my new Blog and start a series of  what we call "collaborations". What does "collaboration" mean nowadays during the Social Media Era ? According to wikipedia:" ...Sharing concepts on a digital collaboration environment often facilitates a "brainstorming" process, where new ideas may emerge due to the varied contributions of individuals. These individuals may hail from different walks of life, different cultures and different age groups, their diverse thought processes help in adding new dimensions to ideas, dimensions that previously may have been missed...."

So, start talking!

At this point I need to establish that I'm not a journalist, I have no idea of interviewing people and I'm not going for that here.

Also,the topics won't necessarily be something 'serious', 'mind-blowing' or 'knowledge to live by'. No. I am interested on their everyday stories, their small habits, or anything they want to share with me and you. It's gonna be just me asking stuff that I am interested in (while probably drinking some coffee), talking to friends, and we invite you to have a look, comment, ask questions and be part of the conversation if you feel like it!

So,with that said, I cyber pat pat your head and see you soon with a new post on!


Photo by from Pexels