The wrap-front casual dress

Helloooooo buns! Welcome!

Today I'm gonna show you the first dress that caught my eye. Yay! This is a wrap dress from H&M.

before the photoshoot 😛

When I saw this  casual wrap-front dress having this simple pattern, simple geometry I believed it will support the Neon Pumps ideally and 'cool down' the 'irregularity' of these shoes. I love wrapped dresses and the Sleepwear Street Fashion and  I also like this color combination, sky blue and neon yellow, it looks fresh to my eyes.Also I imagined this outfit accessorized with some neon jewelries or some fabric decorations which I could sew on the dress (I'm not sure about that yet)  and give a hint of neon yellow details so there is some connection to the shoes.Sooooo now that I have the dress in my hands I have to admit,the dress fitting on me is okish (my size for this one is 50), the front cut is quite airy (sometimes I had to check if I'm flashing people around) and even if this dress feels reaaally comfortable, its fitting was altered while I was moving. Also I've noticed that the fabric wrinkles very easily and I don't think I want that for a special day.

If you are interested in appliques you can find so many online:

(that's just a small amount I found when I was looking for Neon appliques)

Also I think that in case Ι go with this dress I will definately need to accessorize it. While I was searching for accessories I saw these handmade statement jewelries. I love DIY and handmade pieces and I appreciate  creativity.I like those:


Also, while trying to find the dress I visited ZALANDO and I spent some time (a lot) there  looking around, and I found these jewelries which I keep in mind for the final outfit.

Take a look on the links below :


Weeeeell...While looking at the pictures,I wonder which color would match those shoes.As you can see on the pictures the shoes shine like the sun in a trans parallel universe.Maybe the dress should be also in neon color? Or white? Something blinding as well? If you have any ideas please leave your comments below. I'm open to any suggestions!So, bottom line, I'm not sure if this wrap-front dress will be the one, but I will definately wear it casualy,it's ideal for a spring day!

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