Unicorn farm (SOS: no more Hay left!)

Helloooooo buns! Welcome !

This Post is about UNICORNS.
Last few years till now there is a massive revival of Unicorns which , I believe, will create a huuuge confusion over the future generations. Most likely them being convienced that a real Unicorn was found somehow, somewhere, and the Unicorn Era began.

Because let's admit it, if a unicorn was found burried somewhere, we still wouldn't be so brainwashed as we are now 😛

My unicorn drama begins before the year 1990 when I got my first 'My little Pony' doll.
It was yellow and had small butterflies on its butt. Yup, it was Butterscotch <3 .

Butterscotch !

That was only the beginning. I remember I had so many ponies and for some reason I even had some of them twice!
Then Barbie came around. And as we all know, one of Barbie's skills is Horse Riding.
And that's why I HAD TO bring Barbie's horses in my stables. I had few of them as well.

Suncharm !

And then there are the Dark Teenage Years when I am not supposed to play with horses.
But you know, horses are amazing creatures, and I had a grandpa that was doing everything possible for me to be around horses - he loved them as well.
So now, during my 30s I am lucky AF that the Unicorn Movement has aroused and I can enjoy Glitter and Unicorns and Pink and Pastel and Cuteness feeling no guilt at all! FREEEEEEDOM!!!!!
Oh, Avocados as well 😛

Photo by mark glancy from Pexels

SO my present Unicorn Farm is pretty much all the gifts that friends gave me during the past 4 years or so.
Oh, I also had a themed bachelorette party and I think that was what boosted this collection  😛
The sad part is that because of us moving to Vienna, I had to leave the most fragile pieces behind 🙁

I will upload pictures of my Unicorn stuff and I will also put the links (whenever is possible ) where you can buy them, just in case you like something and you NEED to give in 🙂

First thing first, I need to show you my bachelorette outfit. It was a girls-only " Beauté " night, relaxing and cocooning, so I chose to walk around like this :

unicorn costume

I got this beautiful, well made, great quality ( there was glitter on the fabric when i got it and after 2 years of washing there still is ) costume from H&M .
I admit that I wear it a lot during winter and I even wore it on my birthday brunch party back at 2017.

Jerry's Foodtruck donuts for the candles!

We had a huuuuge box of different kind of Donuts made by  Jerry's Foodtruck  which gives you the cream stuffing separately and you stuff your donuts alone,as much as you want ( you can even mix the flavors! ). Jerry's Foodtruck is in Thessaloniki Greece and you could check it out here if you neeeeed dessert!


this is my Unicorn Farm: Austria Edition!

My "Loosen The Reins Unicorn" flats by Irregular Choices !

My " Maya " LED unicorn !
This was a Christmas present my friends found on  Etsy by SnobsGifts .

You want a pet Unicorn BUT you can't deal with all the hair and the clapping??? KARE has the solution for you. This is another christmas gift. Our friends love us, we know how lucky we are.

My next Unicorn was a gift for my bachelorette party and I looooooove it <3. It's a very cute pendant and I love everything about it. Similar unique jewelries you can find at ANEMH ! I like everything in this shop !

If you are a coffee - addict like me, or you just like drinking your beverages in your own cup - you should and this is why, there is an amazing collection of Bamboo reusable cups, cuttleries and dishes which is supposed to be way better than the plastic ones ( daaah ).
I got this cup as a present for my bachelorette party and I use it non stop since. It's very well made and it's in great condition after 2 years of almost everyday use. You can find it online in so many different stores and Amazon as well.

I also have another Bamboo Set - a cup and a bowl - which is just the right size for my yoghurt- fruity snack meals. Also a gift ^_^  ! You can find it on Amazon as well !

Aaaaaand my bff in California gifted me THIS ! The amaaaazing unicorn "bucket" which I now drink water in and that's how I manage to drink 2.5 lts water per day , I recommend you to get a "bucket" ASAP!

Then I have these 3 cute unicorn dolls.The two similar ones, I got them from TK MAX during Christmas, they were supposed to be xmas tree decorations and the one on the front, the one with the attitude, came straight from US this Christmas as a gift to join our pack.

Another unicorn-ish glitter rainbow item was gifted to me, my wallet. I use it everyday since I got it.This one is by Pull & Bear !

Of course I have few Unicorn beauty items, gifts or things Ι got myself, and i use everyday.

And last but not least iiiiis PIXY! Pixy came as a tourist in our house and now it lives with us 😛 .
At carnivals Pixy rides the ferris wheel and then plays some games and eats a meal.
It's bday is on May 26th 😛
Pixy is a hero from the famous " The Beanie Boo's" collection by TY and you can find  more animals here .
Pheeeew that was a long post..
Well, bottom line, Unicorns are everywhere. Even for a fan like me the Unicorn Movement is a bit overwhelming but Ι intend to keep up with it as long as it lasts cause who knows...maybe it reappears after thousands of years 😛
I wonder what will the next trend be. Maybe space slime amoebas ?
That would be an interesting way to hold your bangs 😛
See you around  in a future post!
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Till then I send positive digital vibes to you all !

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  1. Hey there! Unicorns will always warm our hearts! Yesterday I watched the Unicorn Store in Netflix and I believe you will enjoy the movie a lot!!!! 🎠🎠🎠

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